One Crazy Summer


How I'm Spending My Summer Vacation

What's up, squad leaders? It's Led checking in with the Jetpulse Universe.

My "Dad Duties" are in high-gear this summer. Jake's had this incredibly intense schedule of academic tutoring, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy and speech every day since school ended.  No, really. 2 hours of tutoring at Huntington Learning Center. Then it's off to 30 minutes of OT at Sensory Freeway and then another half-hour of PT.  When he doesn't have OT and PT, he gets 30 minutes of speech.  If I'm not making sense, please don't hold it against me, It feels like there isn't enough coffee or hours in the day to get everything done. So I spend a few hours (OK, several...I'm lying) at night getting the next Jake Jetpulse episode ready.

Juggling parenthood and a Website is a tremendous challenge... especially when you're a single dad and the only guy drawing the illustrations, writing the articles, designing the pages...

About Episode 5... Well, it's going to be the longest episode of the story. There's a lot of fun stuff in there. You'll get to see the squad in action and we'll introduce a new character that is going to change everything in the Jetpulse universe.


More Product Reviews: AngelSense Follow Up Video

Jake and I are heading to the Intrepid Sea, Air and  Space Museum to test out the AngelSense  Guardian GPS tracking system. So look for a new video to be added to the site very soon.  I've had the opportunity to test this awesome tracking system. So I'm looking forward to seeing how it holds up against a military aircraft carrier. If you haven't read my review, make sure to check out my review on the AngelSense GPS tracker


New Activities Are Coming Soon 

Looking for something fun to do? We're gonna add some cool coloring book  projects to the site in the upcoming months. I'm starting off with 2 new printable coloring pages of your favorite characters.