About Me:
Hey, everyone. My name's Led Bradshaw. I'm a  Brooklyn born native and  I’m a comic book artist/writer, graphic artist, and draftsman.  Since 2010, I was employed as a technical writer/ illustrator. For 7 years, I designed and illustrated technical user manuals for Sharper Image, Polaroid, and Emerson.  In June of 2017, I lost my job. It was at this point when I decided to dedicate my talents to help my son Jacob who is on the autism spectrum. To pull Jake into learning, I combined my love of comic books with his special interests to create Jetpulse Comics™. 

Jetpulse Comics™ ( ) is an online publication that was created to uplift, inspire and raise awareness about individuals with autism. Our website also features "The New Adventures of Jake Jetpulse" which is a comic book that was inspired by Jake's imaginative play and creative refrigerator drawings.  Jetpulse Comics™ is dedicated to educating families and provide fun sensory activities for all children. It is also a wonderful opportunity for others to experience what life is like through the eyes of a child with autism.

What Have We Done So Far?
Jake and I are extremely pleased to create the first in a series of children's easy readers. A copy of our easy reader was given to each student in Jake’s Class at The Ralph A. Fabrizio School in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. Our endeavor was met with great praise from the teachers, students, and their parents. Jetpulse Comics™ is currently developing a series of children's beginner's level reading books. Our first book will feature basic sight words. The following books will focus on compound words, syllables and reading comprehension. 

Spreading The Word:
In our first year, I have had the pleasure of working with organizations like AMC Theatres and Autism Society, who have come together to provide "Sensory Friendly Films" for individuals on the autism spectrum. Another company called Angelsense has been gracious enough to provide us with a sample of their wearable GPS Vanguard Tracking System for children. An in-depth product review is on our site. This will also be the first device to be featured on our upcoming Youtube channel. We’ve had the pleasure to be featured on the Disability Inc. Podcast  hosted by

We Need Your Help:
Our mission is a noble one. But my savings that brought us this far are almost depleted. I believe that every child can benefit from Jake's adventures. but without your generous donations, our cause will come to an end. Printing and advertising costs can be overwhelming.  Please help Jake and I on our mission to bring joy and excitement to children all over the world. 

Thank You.

Led Bradshaw
Jetpulse Comics™

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