Character Bios

Jetpulse Studios Creates a One-of-a-kind Autism Superhero

What makes the characters in "The Adventures of Jake Jetpulse™" so interesting? unlike typical books for kids about autism, Jetpulse Studios focuses on the three hallmarks of autism — deficits in social communication, adherence to routines, and difficulty with reading others — and divided them into the three main characters.

This makes a story that neurotypical, or non-autistic, children can read over and over. This approach to the characters can open new doors by which they could tell stories using relatable scenarios that are common to individuals on the autism spectrum.

Jake Jetpulse™

Age: 11

Race: Human

Birthplace: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn New York

Jake Jetpulse is a fictional character who appears in The Adventures of Jake Jetpulse, a learning book for autistic children.


Jake, a being of two worlds, is an incredible boy who was born with amazing superpowers. On the outside, his impulsiveness makes it hard for him to focus and can sometimes get him into situations that are hard for him to get out of. But to his family and those closest to him, he's a brave, adventurous child with a heart of gold.


At school, he's a class clown who always brings smiles and laughter to his classmates and headaches to his teacher, Ms. Ellman. He exhibits the characteristics of a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Jake can become overstimulated by sound, which makes his powers unpredictable. A noise-canceling device is added to his supersuit to prevent damage to his environment. 

Julia Santiago

Age: 12

Race: Human

Birthplace: Sunset Park, Brooklyn New York


An extremely intelligent little girl who is gifted with an almost superhuman knowledge of math and science. Julia is also very skilled at engineering useful tech from the junk in her uncle's garage.


She has superb recollection and is a natural in Taekwondo. Julia has a tendency to avoid social situations unless she feels comfortable with the people around her. However, there are times when she adopts common coping methods or implements social skill practices to fit in better.


She has an older brother named Victor who is currently serving in the US Army. Julia did not take Victor's departure well. Before he left, Victor gives her his most prized possession: his High School varsity jacket. She's rarely seen without it. 

Marrz the Troll™

Age: 202

Race: Troll 

Birthplace: Planet Monstro


Marrz The Troll is a brave eight-foot-tall warrior troll who fights alongside Jake and Julia as their ally and protector


He is the adopted son of the Troll King Igbor and half-brother to Marvin the Goblin. The two children were orphaned during the Battle of Planet Monstro.

King Igbor rescues the children and raises them as his own were once inseparable. Their friendship continued into adulthood and both would enlist into the Troll Royal guard.


When Marvin turned against his adopted family, Marrz makes a vow to his father to bring Marvin back from the darkness that consumes him. 

Miranda Suarez

Age: 16

Race: Human

Birthplace: Redhook, Brooklyn New York


Miranda is a streetwise teenager who was once a member of a neighborhood Softball league and vigilante team called the Yellowjackets.


She is an incredibly powerful telepath who has the unsettling ability to hear the thoughts of others....Even from miles away! this ability would change her life forever when she was confronted by a mysterious, non-verbal apparition named Shrive.


The duo quickly made a name for themselves as a crime-fighting team. 

Miranda and the Shrive would often find themselves fighting alongside Jake, Julia, and Marrz.; and bailing the kids out of tight situations. 

Sensing the goodness and light inside of the two heroes, Aevelia the Sorceress makes Miranda and Shrive part of the team.

The Shrive™

Age: Unknown

Race: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

The Shrive is a powerful apparition with powers beyond this world. he is a non-verbal entity who has the power to travel through his own inter-dimensional portal. Nicknamed "The Ghost of Gravened", Shrive can project nightmares into the minds of evildoers.  

​His partner, Miranda Suarez is the only person who understands him. Seeing themselves as outcasts, the two formed an immediate bond.  

As a member of Jetpulse Squadron, Shrive no longer has to wander alone. With his best friends at his side, there's no limit to what The Shrive can do.

Aevelia The Sorceress

Aevelia is a being who was born shortly after the creation of the universe. She was one of five magical guardians who sat on the Council of Visionaries, These legendary beings of light watched over the universe. as a brutal Intergalactic war erupted on Planet Monstro, the Troll Homeworld.


Vowing to never interfere with destiny, She and the other members of the council combined their power to create the mystical Armor of Five. The Armor was a sentient being sent into battle from the heavens to choose its champion.


In her quest for power, Queen Damiana imprisoned the council in detention gems and ordered them to be scattered across the universe....Lost forever in the cosmos.

Centuries later, Avelia is freed from the gem when Queen Damiana's scepter is damaged in battle with Jake, Julia, and Marrz. Praising their heroism, she proclaims the kids as the new defenders of the galaxy and watches over them on their missions. 

Stephanie Kim

Age: 12

Race: Human 

Birthplace: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn New York

Stephanie is an incredibly curious 12-year-old who has the ability to manipulate time. She can either speed it up (But only for a few hours) or slow it down. 


Stephanie finds herself in the middle of the Goblin Hive Queen's sinister plot to take over the earth. When she encounters one of the Queen's malfunctioning drones, she stumbles upon a secret transmission that could defeat the Jetpulse Squadron. Stephanie is confronted by Marvin the Goblin and defeats him by freezing him in time, long enough to tie his legs together and tripping the giant off his feet. 


Aevelia commends Stephanie for her bravery and awards her with a place on the team.