Led Bradshaw
Super Dad & Illustrator

Led Bradshaw is making a name for himself as one of New York’s up-and-coming black comic book illustrators.

​As the creator of Jetpulse Comics, his Flagship title “The New Adventures of Jake Jetpulse” is a comic book adventure story that was inspired by his son Jacob who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at the age of four.​

Since 2018, Jetpulse Studios has published The New Adventures of Jake Jetpulse: Reading and Math Activity Book, The New Adventures of Jake Jetpulse: Beginners Reading Book, and The New Adventures of Jake Jetpulse: Hidden Heroes Workbook.​

Bradshaw’s first mainstream project came in April 2015, when he was asked to create a comic book story line that would be attached to the “Iron Hell-Met” album for Darkstarz Records, an independent record label. The comic book story is based on the Kung-Fu and science fiction influences in the album.

​The collaboration received great praise and also gave Bradshaw the confidence to showcase his work on a larger scale.

Led and his team are currently seeking financing to continue the Jake Jetpulse animated series that halted production in July 2020.

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