The Adventures of Jake Jetpulse: Hearts of Gold: Autism Superhero Books For Kids

The Adventures of Jake Jetpulse: Hearts of Gold: Autism Superhero Books For Kids


Immerse yourself in the electrifying universe of Jake Jetpulse, a teenage superhero with autism. These storybook comics, bursting with lively and action-filled pages, serve as a powerful tool for enlightening kids about autism and embracing cultural diversity, all while delivering unending enjoyment.

  • Conceptualized by an imaginative young boy with autism alongside his father
  • Amplifies the narrative of understanding and valuing diversity
  • Riveting narratives paired with stunning, vivid illustrations
  • Tailored for an audience spanning young readers to seasoned comic enthusiasts
  • Empowers children to recognize and celebrate their own exceptional abilities

As the annual Brooklyn Street Festival arrives, the Jetpulse Squadron eagerly prepares to join in the festivities. However, their excitement is dampened when their idol, Subway Ninja Commando Steve, behaves rudely towards them. Little do they know, the sinister Goblin Hive Queen is plotting to unleash chaos upon the festival with her formidable soldier, Duffy the Goblin.

Filled with heartwarming moments, pulse-pounding action, and valuable life lessons, 'Hearts of Gold' is a celebration of diversity, unity, and the power of empathy. Young readers will be inspired by Jake, a teenage superhero with autism, and his friends as they demonstrate the extraordinary strength that lies within each of us.

With stunning illustrations and an engaging storyline, this enchanting book is perfect for children aged 3 to 7 who love tales of bravery, teamwork, and triumph over adversity. Join the Jetpulse Squadron on their epic journey and discover the magic of courage and kindness that resides in us all.

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