The Adventures of Jake Jetpulse | No Boys Allowed

The Adventures of Jake Jetpulse | No Boys Allowed


Jake Jetpulse is a superhero for all kids, teaching valuable lessons about autism and diversity. These storybook comics are a wonderful way to inspire and educate young minds.

  • Focuses on autism awareness and acceptance
  • Features a relatable, diverse superhero
  • Fun and educational stories for children
  • Created by a real-life father and son team
  • Perfect for fostering empathy and understanding 

 "The Adventures of Jake Jetpulse: no boys allowed," follow the thrilling adventures of the Jetpulse squadron, a team of teenage superheroes tasked with defending Earth from the forces of evil. When the boys of the team are called away on a top-secret mission, leaving the girls to protect the planet, they encounter a formidable foe in the shape of damiana, the evil goblin hive queen. As they battle against her dark magic, julia, the team's leader, is unexpectedly transported to a parallel universe where she meets a mysterious girl with powers of her own. Together, they embark on a quest to save both Earth and the alternate world from damiana’s clutches. However, when the young mystery girl disappears without a trace and cannot be found anywhere on Earth, the jetpulse squadron are left questioning her existence and the true nature of their alliance. With twists, turns, and unexpected revelations, "the adventures of Jake Jetpulse : No Boys Allowed " is a tale of friendship, courage, and the enduring power of teamwork in the face of adversity.

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